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ELLE x MELEMELE collaboration

" ELLE x MELEMELE " collaboration jewelry with the motif of the "Seine River" flowing through Paris is now available for the first time!

Collaboration background
The core of the brand is an attitude of empowering women as a shared value.
ELLE and MELE MELE . This is our first collaboration jewelry.
Since 1945, ELLE , a global lifestyle brand, has been an ally of women, supporting their lives in a variety of ways.
MELE MELE , launched in 2020, aims to bring real diamonds closer to all women, and is a new type of jewelry that fuses expensive natural diamonds with an allergy-free material called surgical stainless steel, which is not a precious metal. It's a brand.
Mele diamonds ( small diamonds ) , which are generally used to complement the center diamond, are the star of this brand.
The brand's motto, "I am Me, I am MELE MELE," also includes the meaning that "like a diamond, people can shine in any era."
Through our collaboration jewelry, we support the wearer's lifestyle and make them shine even more.

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