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  • QCan I cancel my order?

    Once you place an order, we don’t take cancel request.

  • QI haven’t received a confirmation email.

    When you place an order, we send you an order confirmation email. If you don’t receive any email, please contact us.

  • QCan I change my order?

    We don’t take any change after your order is confirmed.

    Please make sure of the color and size that is added your cart.

  • QHow long does it take for shipping?

    We usually ship your order within 3~4 business days.

    The shipping date differs on the item so please check each item page.

  • QWhich shipping company MELE MELE uses?

    We use Yamato Transport.

  • QCan you arrange a scheduled delivery?

    We unfortunately do not have scheduled delivery system. We apologize for the inconvenience.

  • QWhat is the shipping packaging of the jewelry?

    All items are delivered in MELE MELE original box and suede jewelry pouch.

  • QHow much is the shipping fee?

    Shipping fee is free.


  • QWhat ring sizes do you have?

    We mainly have size 7,9,11,13 (Japanese size) but these depend on the design. Please see each item page for details.

  • QI don’t know my ring size.

    Please refer to the list below.

    • サイズ 指周り/外周(mm) 直径(mm)
    • 7号 47.1 15.0
    • 9号 49.2 15.7
    • 11号 51.3 16.4
    • 13号 53.4 17.0
    • 15号 55.5 17.7
  • QDo you have repair service?

    We’re afraid we don’t. Our material, surgical stainless steel is a steel that is difficult to reprocess. We will exchange your jewelry if it’s faulty.

  • QWhat is the best way to keep my jewelry.

    After every use, gently wipe off any stains or liquid such as sweat by using the original pouch or soft fabric. We also recommend to keep your jewelry inside the pouch.

  • QCan I wash my jewelry?

    Our jewelry material, surgical stainless steel is tough but it gets scratched when you use roughly.

    Do not use abrasive cleanser to prevent a damage, especially for gold color items.

  • QWhat is surgical stainless steel?

    It is a type of stainless steel material. It is used mainly in medical fields such as scalpel or scissors. It is often used in watches due to its toughness.

  • QDo I need to worry about allergy ?

    It is said that surgical stainless steel tends not to cause allergy compared to platinum, gold, or silver but it does not mean 100% allergy free. If you get any symptoms such as rashes, bumps, itching or redness on your skin, please stop wearing the jewelry and get in touch with a doctor.

  • QCan I return the item.

    Due to the nature of this product, we will not be able to accept any exchanges or returns because of the customers' personal preferences. Make sure that the size and color is correct when you place an order. Please note that as our diamonds are 100% natural, each stone has a slightly different color.

  • QIf the ring size is not correct, can I exchange item?

    We unfortunately cannot exchange your ring. Please make sure that the size and color of your item is correct when you place your order.

  • QCan I purchase only Earring backs?

    Yes. Please contact us.

  • QI’ve lost an earring. Can I get only one earring?

    Yes. Please contact us with the item name.


  • QCan you ship more than two orders as one delivery?

    We unfortunately cannot ship two orders as one delivery.

    We ship with one box when you order multiple items.

  • QWhat credit card brands can I use?

    Visa, MasterCard, American Express, JCB (Only cards issued in Japan)

  • QCan I pay by bank transfer?

    We only accept credit card payment, Amazon pay(Japan), and Paidy.

  • QWhat is CVV?

    CVV is the number on the back side of your credit card.

    It is usually a three or four digit number.

  • QI haven’t received my shipment.

    We usually ship your order within three to four days and send an email when your item is shipped. Regarding shipped orders, please reach out to Yamato with your tracking number.

  • QI got the wrong item.

    Please contact us and we will immediately exchange your item.

  • QCan I purchase from overseas?

    At the moment, we unfortunately only ship within Japan.

  • QCan I get a receipt?

    Yes. Please contact us with your order number.

  • QCan MELE MELE ship items as gifts?

    Yes. Please add the gift wrapping option (¥500) in your cart before check-out.

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