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The inspiration for the designs of MELE MELE always begins with the brilliance of melee diamonds.
All of the designs place importance on how to enhance the beauty of the diamonds through its forms and diamond settings.

MELE MELE hopes that the same inspiration that the designer had felt will also be experienced by the wearer through the jewelry.

We hope to create everyday diamond jewelry that is not only worn on special occasions but becomes an essential part of your everyday life.


  • GLOW 
    Many melee diamonds come together to form a special brilliance with the GLOW collection. Every small diamond is individually pavé set by hand, creating a seamless diamond surface.
    Single line of melee diamonds form the LUSTER collection. Light continues from one diamond to another, creating an eternal stream of brilliance.
    Melee diamonds are small but individually emits radiance that will act as positive elements in your everyday life
  • ORB 
    A ring of diamonds around a spherical form reflects light from all angles in the ORB collection. The combination of natural melee diamonds and stainless steel creates a one-of-a-kind brilliance.

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