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We use surgical stainless steel, which is rarely used in jewelry, as our material. Surgical stainless steel is mainly used in the medical field as scalpels and scissors. It has many advantages such as being tough, durable and allergy-free, but design is limited when it is used for jewelry because it is difficult to process compared to gold and platinum.

We, MELE MELE wanted natural diamonds to be as close as possible to you, so we overcame the difficulty of manufacturing and chose the material that is more affordable than jewelry made of gold or platinum. It is not bended and rusted easily, plus easy to clean. The best material for everyday use.
It was a huge challenge for our craftsmen to deal with surgical stainless steel because it is extremely tough but requires a delicate process at the same time.

Combining the wisdom of skilled craftsmen who have many years of experience in bridal jewelry production, we have developed a new method for setting our melee diamonds.

We spend a lot of time and effort making each piece of jewelry at our own manufacturing factory in Japan.

We reflect the quality control method cultivated in bridal jewelry production into our jewelry; each piece is made by hand carefully and that brings the perfect finish.

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