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MELE MELE Brand Launch

MELE MELE Brand Launch

MELE MELE official online store opened on Friday, July 3, 2020.

In order to make high-quality natural diamonds more familiar, we provide diamond jewelry that fits in with the wearer's daily life.

Background of the brand establishment Diamond is for Inspiration ~Diamond is for inspiration~

Nowadays, due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and other factors, new and diverse ways of living are needed, and the creative power to create the right answers for ourselves is needed more than ever. We believe that diamond jewelry can help people survive through the times.
The brilliance of diamonds has given the wearer confidence and inspiration since ancient times.
We launched this brand to face the true meaning of diamond jewelry and to help as many people as possible to creatively enjoy the ``now'' era in which there are no correct answers.
We will renew the value of diamonds from the image of ``diamonds = expensive and special'' to ``something that is close to everyday life'' so that the wearer's everyday life will be filled with inspiration.


About the brand name

The origin of MELE MELE is "Mele Diamond". "Melle" means small diamond in French, and until now, mele diamonds were used to complement the center stone in bridal jewelry. We incorporated Mele Diamond into our brand name because we wanted our products to be casually worn every day. The brand logo expresses the unique character of Mele Diamond by changing the width of each letter irregularly.

MELE MELE product features
All of our products use natural mele diamonds, which are the core of our brand. We carefully select diamonds of the same quality as those used by high-end jewelry stores and bridal jewelry brands, and handcraft them in Japan by craftsmen.

On the other hand, in order to provide high-quality diamonds at an affordable price, we use surgical stainless steel, which is easier to access than gold or platinum. Furthermore, by using our online store as our main sales channel, we have been able to keep product prices down and create diamond jewelry that can be easily worn every day.



The latest information is also posted on MELE MELE's official Instagram.

IG: melemele.official

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