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New Item & New Color

New Item & New Color

New items and new colors will be available from October 17th (Sat).

Would you like to enjoy the change of seasons with new jewelry?

<New item>

A new version of the popular LUSTER necklace has been released.

The design is easy to use for everyday coordination.

<New color>

The popular matte gold color of the ELEMENT Single Ring is now available in the wide ring!

A unique ring with a unique matte coating.

Ring sizes have increased

All rings are now available in sizes 7, 9, 11, and 13.

We have started lending ring gauge samples.

For those who don't know their ring size or want to check before purchasing, we have started lending out ring gauge samples. In the enclosed diamond sample, you can see the "heart and cupid" pattern that can only be found in high-quality cut diamonds.

Shipping and lending are free, and returning the item is as simple as dropping it into a postbox.

Delivery days have become shorter

Up until now, due to being made to order, there was a delay in delivery, but almost all items are now delivered within 4 business days.

New items and great deals are also posted on MELE MELE's official Instagram.

IG: melemele.official

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