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[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.8 Asuka Miyazaki

[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.8 Asuka Miyazaki

Who is a MELE MELE Woman?
MELE MELE, which supports working women, is a project where MELE interviews women who are creatively active in various genres.

Vol.8 Asuka Miyazaki @londoncolor_paristaste

In the 8th installment, we spoke to fragrance consultant Asuka Miyazaki. We spoke to him about his work as a fragrance consultant and the sense of self he feels after living in France, England, and other parts of the world.


After graduating from university, he moved to Paris by himself and worked at a human resources consulting company. During her 8- year stay in Paris, she got married, had a child, attended business school, and then moved to London. She worked in the human resources department of a Japanese investment bank in London, and moved to Japan with her family five years ago.

Currently, he is engaged in the Aromatrobe business, which was launched as a subsidiary of his family's fragrance company. Mom of two boys.

<About the job>

To put it simply, a fragrance consultant's job is to suggest scents. Specifically, we listen to customers' requests and select fragrances that match those needs, or we ask a perfumer to develop and mix new fragrances and propose them to multiple customers. Although it may not be the right word to call it a fragrance, it is a material used to add fragrance to shampoos, body lotions, etc. Recently, we are also proposing CBD oil and food flavorings for health foods.

<About Aromatrobe services>

Our parent company proposes raw materials and blended fragrances procured from around the world to cosmetics manufacturers and companies. For example, they range from fruit flavors such as bananas and strawberries, to beverage flavorings such as coffee, tea, and energy drinks, to floral flavors such as rose, jasmine, and lilac. At Aromatrobe, we place particular emphasis on natural fragrances, and we promote domestically produced essential oils such as yuzu, sudachi, and cypress both domestically and internationally, and we also sell aromatic distilled water produced when essential oils are extracted.

<What does it mean to live as yourself? >

I believe that this is a way of life in which one's true nature is brought out to the fullest and one's true self shines most beautifully. To achieve this, I believe it is important to listen to your heart and live honestly. I had the opportunity to go abroad since I was a child, and I realized how powerful the word English is, so I really wanted to be able to speak English while I was still young, and I wanted to see the world and make friends all over the world. I was thinking. I think I have always chosen the direction of my life with that vision in mind. As a result, I studied abroad in Canada during my student days, traveled to Europe and Central and South America, and after graduating, I lived in France and England for a total of 12 years.

<My motto>

I felt that life was ``art work, '' and that I was creating a piece of work that was ``me'' by painting a colorful picture on a white canvas using all kinds of colors. In other words, "I will carve my own path." So, I feel like I've been carving out my own path by doing things that I intuitively felt like ``I want to do this!'' and ``I'm excited!'' and gradually painting on my own canvas. I think that led me to always choose to be happy, and I think that led me to live my life in a way that suits me. In the process of creating my own artwork, I met a loving partner, had children, added beautiful colors to my work, and now I feel like I am creating artwork together. In recent years, I have been thinking that it would be great if I could express the work of art that is my life even more profoundly through not only ``color'' but also ``fragrance.''


<About MELE MELE jewelry>

Because of my job, I often meet with customers, so the ideal piece of jewelry would be something that isn't too flashy, has class, and makes me look a little more glamorous than usual.

MELE MELE jewelry has a simple and elegant design, and above all, I feel that it is an item that gives working women like us a sense of beauty and confidence at a price range that can be used on a daily basis. I am also interested in the tremendous energy that the natural diamonds used have. It is a natural art that takes thousands of years to complete. There are people who discover it, craftsmen who process it, and designers who design the jewelry. . . This is truly an art work carefully created through collaboration between nature and people from all over the world. I feel a sense of romance in that connection.


<Future goals>

My two children are starting to take some time away from me, so I would like to be able to incorporate a little more artistic elements such as music and art into my daily lifestyle while pursuing more specialized work. I think. Lately, I've been thinking about restarting flamenco, which I've been doing for about 5 years since I was a student, and I think it would be great for my husband and I to learn Argentine tango. I also want to go on a desert tour with my family, or cross the west coast of Canada and the United States. There's no end to what I want to do ...

 <Jewelry worn by Miyazaki>

The new ring is characterized by its elegant yet solid presence.

FLOW Eternity Ring can also be worn as an ear cuff.

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