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[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.4 Yang Huang

[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.4 Yang Huang

Who is a MELE MELE Woman?

MELE MELE, which supports working women, is a project where MELE interviews women who are creatively active in various genres.

Vol.4 Yan Huang @yanarchy

The fourth participant was Yang Huang, co-founder and chief technology officer of the programming bootcamp "Code Chrysalis." We spoke to her about her work to increase the number of women active in the IT industry.


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Born in China, raised in Seattle, USA. After graduating from university, he worked in finance in Singapore, then changed his career to become a software engineer and worked at a startup company in San Francisco. In 2016, he established a programming boot camp school locally as part of refugee relief efforts in Jordan. Moved base to Japan in 2017. The programming boot camp "Code Chrysalis," where he is co-founder and chief technology officer, has been certified by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry as a fourth industrial revolution skill acquisition course.

▼Mr. Yang founded a coding boot camp in Motoazabu, Tokyo with his friends. I asked about your work▼

Q. Please tell us about Code Chrysalis, of which you are the co-founder.

Code Chrysalis is Japan's first Silicon Valley-style programming bootcamp. Our mission is to 1) train engineers who can lead teams as leaders, 2) empower women, and 3) create a community where ideas can be shared. I think we need women who can say, ``Something is wrong, and if I do this, things will get better.''


Q. Did you aim to become a software engineer from the beginning?

Actually, after graduating from university, I worked in finance, but I didn't like the job. I had an idea for a mobile app, but realized it would require some coding knowledge. So I quit my job, went to coding school, and got a new job as an engineer. It's been about a year since I came up with the idea for the app. I had nothing to lose and everyone's expectations were low. While working as an engineer for about two years, I volunteered to teach coding and was also involved in a project to build a coding school in the Middle East. Afterwards, just when I was thinking about doing something in Japan, I met my co-founder, who had an idea to create a similar school in Japan, and we started Code Chrysalis.



Q: What is your view on the current state of the technology industry and women in Japan?

In America, it is common to quit your job and go to coding school, but in Japan, quitting your job is not common, so going to school to learn new things has been difficult. . This is especially true for women. I think Japanese women are very curious, but when it comes to technology, many feel that they are not cut out for it. When that happens, I always reply, "I use my computer every day, and I also use my smartphone. Isn't that for you?" It's like if you're wearing shoes that don't fit your feet, you'd change them to shoes that fit better. I think technology can have a bigger impact on the world than shoes.


Q. Where do you get your inspiration for your work?

Meeting new people and hearing about their experiences is motivating.

At Code Chrysalis, we are proud to be a part of the changes people are making, including career changes. That's the most exciting thing about this company. I believe that something happens when you step out of your comfort zone and place yourself in a slightly uncomfortable place. I also think that if I had continued working in finance, I would not have been able to achieve my dreams as I am now. So, if you want to try something, you should definitely try it once! If you do nothing, nothing will change. Everyone is afraid of making mistakes, but I think you should try.

▼We asked about MELE MELE jewelry▼

Q. Can I wear jewelry on a regular basis?

I usually wear my engagement ring, but other than that, I keep my other jewelry as minimal as possible. Especially lately, I've been wearing jewelry to complete my outfits and as a way to look professional.


Q. Please tell us your impressions after watching MELE MELE.

I like that the design is simple and can be used for a variety of purposes.

When I went shopping for jewelry recently, there were so many options that I was confused. This is when you don't have time! When you can't choose right away, it's nice to have a narrowed-down selection like MELEMELE.


Q. Were there any items that you particularly liked?

I've always liked bracelets because I can see myself wearing them, but when it comes to items, I like the LUSTER double bangle. It's simple and goes well with any outfit.


Q. Mr. Yang, please tell us about your future goals.

I'd like to think about what I can do with Code Chrysalis, while also focusing on fun projects where I can learn something or connect with other people. I try not to think about big plans that are more than 5 or 10 years in the future. I couldn't have imagined what I'm doing now five years ago. I want to let the flow dictate what happens next. Of course, I have to do my job properly and keep exploring more than ever, but when I can do that, I think I can see a bigger adventure ahead.

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