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[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.3 HALU

[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.3 HALU

Who is a MELE MELE Woman?

MELE MELE, which supports working women, is a project where MELE interviews women who are creatively active in various genres.

Vol.3 HALU @ globes.halu


The third installment is HALU , who has a lovely smile and works as a hairdresser and makeup artist at the hair salon THE GLOBES in Omotesando, Tokyo. We asked her about her reasons for wanting to become a hairdresser, HALU 's motto, and her impressions after wearing MELE MELE jewelry.

Q Please tell us about HALU's work.

A: As a hairdresser, I mostly work in salons, but occasionally I go on-site to do hair and makeup work. When I'm working with customers at the salon, I like styling them. Or something like an arrangement. I think that's the most fun thing to do because you can see the customer's expression change during the final touches.


Q: What made you decide to become a hairdresser?

A: When I was in the second grade of elementary school, my mother took me to a beauty salon for the first time, and the hairdresser cut my hair into a beautiful, silky, one-length bob. It made me really happy and I kept touching it. I thought that if I became a hairdresser, I would be able to use this kind of magic, and since that magic made me so happy, I definitely wanted my customers and other people to experience it as well.


Q What do you usually get inspired by and where do you get your inspiration?

A: I think it's important to be interested in all kinds of people. I think it's more important to be interested in a person, talk with them, and get inspiration from that, so I think it's more important to have a session (talk with them) than just a quick impression. Also, I love nature. I like going to places like the sea or the mountains, where I can relax and become nothing. lol

When you do that, all kinds of casual everyday things come into your life, and you feel like you're really absorbing things like that, so I think it's really important to detox yourself.


Q: What motivated you during the coronavirus pandemic?

AMy motto is "smile". There were times when the world was inevitably dark and depressed, but I think that if you smile at those times, the people around you will smile too, and when you smile, more smiles will come. I believe that there is a chain of smiles, so in times like these I always try to keep smiling and not get depressed. There were fewer customers than usual, but I thought it would be nice to be able to help keep them motivated.


Q What was your experience wearing Melemele jewelry?

AIt didn't even feel like I was wearing it, it felt like it was integrated with my body. Heavy dangling earrings can make my neck tired and my shoulders stiff, but I didn't have any of those things, so I thought they fit in really well. I usually wear large items, so this was very refreshing. It's easy to use. It goes well with any outfit. Customers often asked me, "Where are you from?" What was impressive was that men also asked this question. That's why I think it's a product that can be enjoyed by both men and women.


Q What was your first impression when you saw the jewelry?

AI thought it would blend well with bare skin. I feel like I'm raising the quality of that person. Of course it's glittery and special, but I also think it's jewelry that brightens up your everyday life. I wanted to wear it every day. That was very impressive.


Q Do you have any future goals?

A : I want as many people as possible to know about THE GLOBES and to make as many people smile as possible. I hope I can increase that person's motivation through beauty.

I want to value connections between people. The name THE GLOBES comes from the concept of small spheres coming together to become something bigger, or a place where small dots connect and everyone is connected. I hope that the lives of our customers and staff can be derived from this. When I meet many people on-site and interact with customers, I always want to cherish each person's once-in-a-lifetime encounters.



[HALU introduced a hair arrangement that is perfect for the popular LUSTER Earcuff/ring]

~Busy morning edition~

In the mornings when you don't have time to wrap or finely arrange with wax.

Even if your hair is slightly rough, you can add nuance to your hair with just one hair oil. The bold ear cuffs serve as a subtle accent, making your face look bright and sharp.

I want you to make “kushu” as if you woke up that morning! ( HALU )


~An off day when I want to change the atmosphere a little~

By zooming in, the impression of the jewelry changes dramatically. If you tidy up the hair around your ears with a half-up look, you can enjoy the luxurious shine of melee diamonds.

Don't use too much wax or wrap it, try finishing it in a way that colors the person's material! ( HALU )

<HALU Profile>

Born on November 7th in Nagano Prefecture.

She became a hairdresser after her first experience at a beauty salon when she was in the second grade of elementary school. Gained experience at a salon in Aoyama and currently works as an opening staff member at THE GLOBES Omotesando. He is also in charge of hair and makeup for actors, announcers, etc. My hobbies are being exposed to nature, surfing, driving, watching baseball, and boxercise. @theglobes_omotesando


<Jewelry worn by HALU>

ELEMENT Swing Pierce (Gold)

"ELEMENT" swing earrings that sparkle with connected mele diamond particles.

The diamonds shine in various directions every time you shake, illuminating your face line brightly and elegantly.


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