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[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.5 Rina Fujiwara

[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.5 Rina Fujiwara

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MELE MELE, which supports working women, is a project where MELE interviews women who are creatively active in various genres.


Vol.5 Rina Fujiwara @ rnfjwr


For the fifth time, we spoke to Rina Fujiwara, Japan's padel representative. While final preparations are being made for the All Japan Championships to be held from March 19th , he spoke about the appeal of padel and his own experiences.



He was immersed in tennis from childhood until his third year at university. He has the experience of studying abroad and winning many tournaments including junior national tournaments. After graduating from university, he discovered padel while working as a working adult, and currently continues to work as a member of Japan's padel representative.



<What is padel? >

It is a sport that is a combination of tennis and squash, and is gradually becoming popular in Japan.


<Impressions after wearing MELE MELE jewelry>

The tension was really high! I haven't really tried layering before, but after trying it, I thought it would be nice to layer.


<Future goals>

As a player, I want to do my best to win this month's All-Japan Championship, and then to raise Japan's ranking at the World Championships to be held in Qatar in November . I want to contribute to Japan's victory.

Outside of playing activities, you can do whatever you want! That's what I want to convey.

I myself have always lacked confidence in myself and have been an excessive perfectionist.

A few years ago, when I was having negative thoughts, someone told me, ``If you don't like it, just change.'' That was a turning point, and my way of thinking changed drastically.

I hope that by sharing my experiences of changing and realizing that I am okay with myself, and my experiences of finding what I want to do even after entering the workforce, I can help even one person feel the same way. I am.

I believe that if you do what you want to do and what you like, various things will connect.



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