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January 2021 limited campaign

January 2021 limited campaign

If you use a special scope on a well-cut diamond, a pattern called ``hearts and cupids'' will emerge.

This is also a characteristic of the diamonds used in MELE MELE jewelry.

As a limited time campaign, all customers who order by January 31st (Sunday) will receive a diamond scope as a gift.

Please take your time and take a look at MELE MELE's diamonds at home.

[How to use the scope]

Look directly above the diamond so that the diamond and the scope are perpendicular.

You can see the arrow pattern (Cupid) on each diamond.

You can see it better by holding the scope close to the diamond to prevent outside light from entering.

- All customers who purchase rings, earrings, bangles, ear cuffs, and necklaces from January 19th (Tuesday) to January 31st (Sunday) are eligible.

・One gift will be given for each order.

・The number is limited. Depending on circumstances, the event may end earlier than the scheduled end date. Please note.

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