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[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.1 Yasuko Tsuji

[MELE MELE x Working Women] Interview vol.1 Yasuko Tsuji

Who is a MELE MELE Woman?

MELE MELE, which supports working women, has started a new project in which we interview women who are creatively active in various genres!

Vol. 1 Yasuko Tsuji @yasupytsuji
The first one is Yasuko Tsuji, who is an actress and also does action.

What is the job of an action actress?

What motivates Yasuko?
We visited the action rehearsal room and spoke at length.

MELE They also talked about MELE.

Q: Please tell us about your work as an action actress.

A: Basically, I started acting as an office lady or a nurse, but as an added bonus , I developed the action category within myself, and now I am also an action actress. We're doing historical drama action scenes using swords and modern action fighting scenes like Mission Impossible.

Q: Why do you want to add an action with +α?

A: I have a personality that doesn't like being the same as other people. From then on, I thought that the wider my range as an actress, the better, so I became a ``chameleon-like actor.'' I always have a desire within me to keep taking on challenges without making the choice that ``I want to play this role myself.''

Q: Do you have any special skills?

A Good at kicks! I think my strengths are my foot skills, like high kicks and roundhouse kicks. I thought that being an action actress could only be done when I was young, but I wanted to do it even when I became a grandma, as long as I could move my body and not set limits for myself. That's my one goal.

Q I think this year was also affected by the new coronavirus infection. Under such circumstances, what motivated Yasuko?

A This year is completely different. There was no filming anymore, and the actors had no place to express themselves. Even in such a situation, if I post even one photo of me kicking it on social media, I get comments from many people saying things like, ``I want to go back to my normal life and watch action movies as soon as possible,'' so I guess that's what motivates me the most.

Q What did you think of MELE MELE's jewelry?

A: I think it would suit people of any age. I don't think MELEMELE has things like, ``This is good for me because I'm 20 years old,'' or ``This doesn't suit me unless I'm in my 50s.'' I think it's a great thing that it can be used by people of all ages. Also, when you layer jewelry on top of each other, it feels like you're wearing jewelry, or when it comes to clothes, only the clothes shine, and you feel like you're not there. I feel like I'm not showing my best qualities or the charm of that person. MELE MELE's jewelry doesn't have that ``feeling of being worn'', it has a ``me'' feel to it, and I like how it adds an essence to it from the side. Even when layered, it doesn't get too messy and I think it has a nice loose feel.

Q How did you feel after wearing the jewelry?

A: I tend to get stiff shoulders easily, and I tend to get worried about what I'm wearing even when I'm on the go, but MELE MELE jewelry is light and fits well, so I don't have to worry about it even when I'm active. It was comfortable to wear. I have a metal allergy, so if I sweat while wearing jewelry, I get itchy and redness, but this necklace made me feel comfortable.

Q: Do you feel different on days when you wear jewelry and when you don't?

A Of course! I believe that gemstones have power because the sparkle of even a single diamond can brighten up a dark mood.

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<Yasuko Tsuji Profile>
Born on December 1st. Born in Hyogo Prefecture
She transitioned from model to actress after winning Miss International.
Currently studying sword fighting and action at JAC (Japan Action Club), she is an actress who is good at acting and can also do action.

<Main works>
NHK LIFE - A comedy dedicated to life - "The Invincible Woman"
Director Koji Fukada's "Standing on the Edge" wins the Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival
Active in a wide range of movies, dramas, and commercials, including the movie ``Kabukicho High School''

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